Our Message

    Water Exclusive (W.E.) is based off of the fundamental need to be healthy.


     W.E. welcome everyone and everything, and since H2O is some of the base chemical composition in our own bodies, we should acknowledge this and respect it in our existence.

     W.E. aim to gather a collective of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives and lovers of our planet.

     We promote positive thinking as well as positive acting, and show our support through simple clothing with a message; starting with DRINK MORE WATER.


We aim to keep our clothing affordable, so the "exclusivity" of Water is merely in the reaching out for it



Water accepts everyone,
we, as human beings, require water to survive...
so let us survive together. 




    W.E. plan to unite like-minded thinkers and create a community online as well as offline for us to thrive in, while helping the world around us.